Bob McKinnon

TAGS: Change Management, College and Universities, Social Commentary

Bob McKinnon“Bob was fantastic and received rave reviews from all my Sesame colleagues who loved his style, great sense of humor and thought provoking insights.”

-Patti Miller Vice-President, Public Policy Sesame Workshop

Bob McKinnon is one of the country’s leading experts on creating social change. He is founder of GALEWiLL, an organization that designs new ways to move the world forward. Through this work, he has helped families gain access to better food and education, children overcome abusive and violent pasts, and youth to become more engaged in the world of service. Bob is also the creator of Actions Speak Loudest, a book designed to help us leave our children a better world than we inherited.



  • Actions Speak Loudest: How We Can Keep Our Promise for a Better World

    Every generation makes a commitment to see its children lead better lives than they have and to leave the world a better place than they had inherited. Yet today's issues are combining to create the first generation of children expected to lead shorter, unhealthier and unhappier lives than their parents. So how do we get people to engage in creating a better world? In this talk, Bob will share inspiring stories and lessons learned from his experience collaborating with well known change makers like Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter as well as everyday heroes who “put their hands in the muck and mire to create something beautiful – a better outcome.”

  • See the Dream: How to Create a Better Story of Success

    The American Dream is a vital part of our American story. It is a powerful beacon of hope for all who are born on our soil or come to our shores and has become the embodiment of a better, more successful life. Yet ironically, the way we have come to talk about the American Dream may be limiting the ability for people to achieve it.

    When we oversimplify our story to say, “America is a place where if you come here and work hard enough anyone can achieve fortune and fame,” we make it difficult to think clearly and carefully about what else is needed. By focusing so exclusively on individual drive and effort, we overlook and perhaps undervalue the underpinnings in our communities, families, and the larger society, that make achieving the dream more likely. In this talk, Bob will share what research and experience show are critical for achieving success and happiness in our lives. (This talk is based on Bob's forthcoming book See the Dream: What it Really Takes to Achieve Success in America.)  

  • How We Care: The Power of Empathy to Engage

    Why don’t we act more often to help others? Is it that we don’t care or we’re just not caring in the right way? For example, when we sympathize with someone we feel and then move on. When we empathize we feel and then move in. In this talk, Bob will discuss the power of empathy as a critical lever to creating change. We’ll cover the history of empathy, how the lack of it is impacting our world today and, most importantly, how we can design new ways to “help people walk in someone else’s shoes.” The result? Seeing the world differently and more people acting for the greater good.

  • Actions Speak Loudest: Keeping Our Promise for a Better World

    Actions Speak Loudest delves into the heart of thirty-two issues, ranging from childhood obesity to climate change, that are critical to the well being of the next generation. With evocative, award-winning photographs, articulate and accessible essays, and attainable, ambitious ideas for action the book is designed as a clarion call to help us keep our generational promise. The contributors—who span all walks of life and fields of work—are not just limited to well-known celebrities, authors and experts, but also include everyday American heroes who have overcome their own personal challenges to make a difference in the lives of youth in their community. As a non-profit project all of the books proceeds go back into the causes and organizations featured in its pages.... MORE →


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