Todd Reichert & Cameron Robertson

TAGS: College and Universities, Innovation

Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson, co-founders of AeroVelo Inc., spend their time pushing the limits of human potential. Their projects have taken them from human-powered helicopters to aerodynamic bicycles capable of reaching speeds of over 77 mph. The common theme is one of doing more with less: going further with limited resources. Driven by passion and challenge, their journey has led to a unique understanding of what it takes to tackle the impossible.



  • Challenging the Impossible

    Whether technological or personal, challenge is the driving force behind discovery. Yet we are so quick to shy away from a challenge, often dismissively categorizing it as impossible. Cameron and Todd use their journey through a variety of historical engineering achievements as a case study in taking on the impossible. In isolating four key ingredients of innovation, Todd and Cameron describe how we can get past the assumptions and constraints that narrow our vision, and how we can prepare ourselves to take on creative endeavors and difficult challenges.


  • When Dreams Take Flight
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