Teddy Goff

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Teddy Goff

Teddy Goff is a Partner and Co-Founder at Precision Strategies, a strategic consulting firm whose clients include Fortune 50 companies, leading nonprofits, and national-level campaigns in the US and abroad. One of the most celebrated digital experts in the world, he was named to TIME's list of "30 people under 30 who are changing the world" (2013).

Teddy was the director of digital strategy for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, leading the 250-person nationwide team responsible for the campaign's social media, email, web, online advertising, online organizing, front-end and product development, design, and video presences. TIME described his work as "redefining the limits of viral politics."

Under Teddy’s leadership, Obama for America raised more than $690 million over the Internet, registered more than a million voters online, built Facebook and Twitter followings of more than 45 and 33 million people respectively, earned more than 133 million video views, ran more than $100 million in online media spend (the largest such program in political history), built groundbreaking tools for online fundraising and campaigning, organized hundreds of thousands of volunteers and events through a proprietary organizing platform, and sent the most retweeted tweet and most liked Facebook post of all time.



  • How social media is changing your business

    (Hint: it's not about marketing)

    Applying the lessons learned working for two winning presidential campaigns, nine Fortune 100 companies, and some of the world's largest nonprofits, Goff explains how the web is forcing every business on earth to reshape its identity, strategy, and operations. It's about much more than just marketing — it's about new ways of serving customers, partners, and even employees.

  • "Fast-talking, witty, humane, insightful, a true force of nature ... Barack Obama’s Social Media guru whipped the crowd into a loving frenzy. I’m largely clueless regarding US politics, but after 10 minutes and thirty-thousand words from the smartest guy in the room, I was high-fiving and doing my best Bruce Springsteen impression."


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