Jake Wood

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Jake Wood

Jake Wood is the Cofounder and President of Team Rubicon, a disaster relief nonprofit known for its extraordinary efforts during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Jake is also the founder of POS REP, the first mobile, proximity-based social network designed exclusively for the veteran community. Prior to Team Rubicon, Jake served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper.

Jake uses his military experience to speak about leadership in high-stakes situations. Jake's first book TAKE COMMAND, to be published in 2014, offers lessons in leadership, problem-solving and teamwork from the disaster zone and the battlefield. These lessons reveal how to be a "first responder" in today's high-stakes, high-pressure, highly volatile business climate.



  • How to Lead and Succeed When it Matters Most

    We live in uncertain times and are searching for firm ground. We all want to be the people who remain steady even as others lose their footing. One day at least some of us will be confronted with a situation in which the stakes are high, the risks considerable, and the options less than ideal. It might be a key business decision, a mistake we made in the past or an upset customer wanting quick answers to tough questions. Whatever the issue is, being equipped to face uncertainty is always the preferred course of action.

    Drawing from his experience in the military, with Team Rubicon, and his forthcoming book, Take Command, Jake Wood provides the framework to thrive in high-stakes situations. This talk outlines the how, when, and why of resolute, lead-from-the-front leadership, offering a set of principles that one can draw upon in any situation.

  • Service Above Self

    Jake has discovered something that has changed his life – and can change yours - PUT OTHERS FIRST. In our "me" driven world, it is often difficult to remember to look outside ourselves to discover the incredible impact we can have on the world. In this inspiring story of a young man’s move from self-centered yearnings to a life of service and personal sacrifice, Jake will share with the audience the profound impact of placing service about self. Jake’s soul searching will have a profound effect on each attendee.


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