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"He hit the mark - he was comprehensive, factual, funny, balanced, realistic, moved at a great pace and communicated a complex subject in very understandable manner. We have a group of pretty sharp folks and they felt like they learned something"


Greg Ip is one of the country’s most respected and incisive interpreters of economic events at a time of almost relentless economic upheaval. As the Washington-based U.S. Economics Editor of The Economist magazine, Greg specializes in international and economic trends, the outlook, the Federal Reserve and the federal budget. Greg's access to top policy makers and his ability to make the most complex topics crystal clear has made him a frequent guest on television and radio, including PBS, CNBC, MSNBC, NPR, and ABC News. A dynamic and personable speaker, Greg regularly receives high audience feedback ratings. Greg is the author of The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works In The Real World, a popular, easy-to-read guide to the forces shaping our economy today.



  • The Outlook for the Economy and Economic Policy

    With the help of provocative, carefully selected slides, Greg provides a synopsis of the origins of the recent crisis and recession and explains where growth, unemployment and inflation are headed. He weighs in on the key policy challenges facing the country, whether taxes, interest rates or regulation. Each speech is tailored to the interests of the audience, and often incorporates that week’s latest news. He likes to leave lots of time for questions.

  • The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in The Real World
    "If you’ve never read anything about economics but have often wondered about it, this is, quite simply, the best book for you to read"

    -Christian Science Monitor

    It walks you through critical issues such as the sources of long-term economic growth, how recessions become depressions, inflation vs. deflation, globalization, and how government debt can save an economy or bring on disaster. It explains the origins and consequences of the global financial crisis and why we’ll keep having crises. “The data are well chosen and the writing is decidedly unwonky… Ip skillfully includes essential economic history,” USA Today said. It is “As much a guidebook for our times as an explainer of economics,” Mohamed El-Erian, the CEO of Pimco, writes in the foreword ... MORE →


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