Doug Pitt

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Doug Pitt

Doug Pitt is the owner of ServiceWorld Computer Center, which recently celebrated 22 years in business. Although Doug starts his day out at ServiceWorld, it gets interrupted often because of many philanthropic pursuits.

Much of Doug’s time rests in the continent of Africa. In the Spring of 2010, Doug was named the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. As Ambassador, Doug works with NGO’s, businesses and faith based organizations that want to do business or provide humanitarian partnerships in Tanzania. Doug is currently working with the Ministry of Agriculture and US partners on a food development program within Tanzania.

Doug is a board member of WorldServe International, which operates one of the largest water drilling companies in East Africa and has brought the gift of clean water to almost two million people.

Doug may be spending a lot of time halfway across the world, but he also has a heart for kids right at home. Four years ago, Doug founded Care To Learn with the mission of funding child health, hunger & hygiene needs. Since its inception, Care To Learn has expanded to 12 school districts and funded over 125,000 child requests to children in the Ozarks.



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