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Bob Azelby

Bob Azelby, along with brother Joe, is the co-author of Kiss Your BUT Good-bye: How To Move Beyond The One Word That Stands Between You And Success. The book’s purpose is to help people identify the reasons why their careers are not progressing as fast as they expected.  Most self-awareness books and corporate HR programs emphasize identifying one’s strengths to accelerate a career. However, The Azelby brothers believe that the key to greater success is found in the unpleasant and difficult task of identifying, acknowledging and managing one’s weaknesses. The authors help people stare at their issues by using a very clever word that lightens up the heavy topic of self-awareness. Instead of using terms like weaknesses, flaws or failings they use the word BUT. Bob Azelby is an experience business professional who is a Senior Executive of Amgen Inc, a Fortune 500 company.



  • BUT: The One Word That Stands Between You And Success

    Playing to your strength is easy. Managing your weakness is difficult. I have a BUT. You have a BUT. Everyone has a BUT. Unfortunately, many of us have more than one. We are all afflicted. It is not the one you are sitting on. It is the one that everyone in your workplace is talking about. Here is what we mean.

    Sarah tries to be helpful BUT she talks way too much.

    Bill means well, BUT he micromanages everyone and everything.

    John tries hard, BUT he does not have the analytical skills for that project.

    BUT is a powerful word. It nullifies everything that comes before it and magnifies everything that comes after it. Every time someone speaks about your BUT it grows larger. Your career is not progressing as fast as you had expected. Your paycheck is not getting any bigger. Other people are being assigned the best projects. Colleagues who were your peers now all have loftier titles. You definitely have a BUT.

    We will show you how to find your BUT, acknowledge it, proclaim it, manage it and shrink it so that you can renew your personal brand and take your career to another level.Now get ready to Kiss Your BUT Good-bye.

  • Performance Reviews, Development Feedback and Other Lies

    The truth will set you free. However, the truth hurts and that’s why you never hear what is being said behind your back and behind closed doors. We will show you how to be a “truth seeker” and get your manager to tell you, not what you want to hear, but, what you need to hear. We will show you how to disarm your fight and flight instincts so that you absorb, acknowledge and process the negative perceptions you have created around your performance. We’ll describe the five stages of grief associated with a difficult BUT talk and how best to quickly work through those stages.

    Managers can’t be wimps. They have to care enough about their people to have the difficult conversation. The greatest gift you can give someone is the truth. We’ll teach managers to get over review time squeamishness to be the type of “truth tellers” that can snap people out of their blissful state of self-delusion. We’ll show managers how to set up a smashmouth BUT Talk with your direct reports to deliver maximum positive career impact and minimal relationship damage.

    How can a simple word like BUT dramatically improve performance feedback? We’ll show you.

  • Kiss Your BUT Good-Bye: How to Get Beyond the One Word That Stands Between You and Success

    A simple, engaging, and eminently practical guide to overcoming your weaknesses—your "Buts"—to achieve the career and personal relationships you want. Imagine a workplace where all the employees are aware of the things they do—or fail to do—that prevent them from being more productive and valuable. Imagine a company where everyone speaks openly and honestly about his or her weaknesses and is committed to strengthening and overcoming them. Imagine an environment where colleagues help one another become more efficient and less disruptive by speaking the truth about what detracts from the team's efforts and objectives. Imagine a place where the firm's most talented employees know exactly what they need to do to attain a leadership position... MORE →


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