Jeremy Utley

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Jeremy Utley

Jeremy was using the principles of design thinking long before he encountered Stanford's prestigious From starting a small-venture incubator in Bolivia to hanging out in biker bars to evaluate acquisition targets for clients of the Boston Consulting Group, Jeremy has sought to meld his analytical nature with his passion for human-centered innovation.

At the, Jeremy currently leads all work with outside organizations, managing and directing executive education programs. He serves in an advisory role to help organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to cutting-edge start-ups—implement design thinking. The key ingredients are often a mix of inspiration, coaching, provocation and the development of a passion for customers and a bias towards doing rather than thinking. The result is often a shift not just in practice or strategy, but a fundamental change in organizational culture.



  • Design Thinking Workshop

    Either solo, or alongside fellow Stanford Professors Robert Sutton or Perry Klebahn, Jeremy leads workshops that combine a knowledge of theory and research with real-world experience. At the, Jeremy started using this approach (along with other Stanford faculty) in a Stanford Executive Program on Customer-focused Innovation (CFI), and more recently, has applied this blend of academic and experiential learning in design thinking workshops.

    The sessions typically run three hours and are highly interactive, resulting in lessons about key elements of innovation and design thinking including leadership, group dynamics, human resource management and, especially, the fundamentals of the design process and hands on learning about how to apply it to a host of business problems. In addition, they work with clients to develop and deliver workshops that are customized to the client’s needs and interests.

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