Michael Moran

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Michael Moran

"A provocative and insightful presentation...Your overview of international trends, America’s place in the world, risks and challenges ahead, and the leadership it will take to get the USA back on track were most helpful to our CEOs in attendance and stimulated considerable discussion afterward."
-American Public Power Association

Over the past 25 years, Michael Moran has dissected major trends and events for some of the world's leading financial, intellectual and newsgathering institutions. As Vice President of Global Country Risk at the leading consultancy Control Risks, he writes and presents his insights for an international clientele. He previously headed the thought leadership division of the investment bank Renaissance Capital, and has held top posts at the Council on Foreign Relations, the BBC, MSNBC.com and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

He is the author of The Reckoning: Debt, Democracy, and the Future of American Power, and co-author of the new book The Fastest Billion: The Story of Behind Africa’s Economic Revolution.


The Reckoning: Debt, Democracy, and the Future of American Power
The age of American global dominance is ending. Today, a host of forces are converging to challenge its cherished notion of exceptionalism, and risky economic and foreign policies have steadily eroded the power structure in place since the Cold War. Staggering under a huge burden of debt, the country must make some tough choices--or cede sovereignty to its creditors. In The Reckoning, Michael Moran, geostrategy analyst explores the challenges ahead -- and what, if anything, can be prevent chaos as America loses its perch at the top of the mountain... MORE →>


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