Steve Gross

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Steve Gross

"Steve was a rock star...he even signed autographs after his program. We knew some of our participants wouldn't be interested in the concept of playfulness in the workplace, but Steve did an awesome job making the connection."
-CALSAE: California Society of Association Executives

Steve Gross, M.S.W., is the Executive Director, founder and Chief Playmaker of the Life is good Kids Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that uses play to strengthen and heal children whose lives have been deeply impacted by trauma. He has devoted his career to serving our most vulnerable children. A pioneer in utilizing exuberant, joyful play to promote resiliency in children and their caregivers, and a leader in the field of psychological trauma response, Gross is committed to the healthy development of children facing the most challenging circumstances.



  • How Joy and Optimism ignite the best in all of us

    Steve Gross is serious about play – and its tremendous benefits for all people and the organizations where they work. The Life is good Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization that for twenty years has used play to help children overcome life threatening challenges such as violence, illness and severe poverty. A recognized expert and pioneer in utilizing exuberant, joyful play to promote resiliency in children, he has extended those insights to adults, reconnecting them to the passionate, joyful and playful selves that enable them to be their best in and out of the workplace.

    Through fascinating research, first-hand lessons learned in his crisis response efforts following 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and turmoil in the Middle East, and his uniquely humorous and participatory engagement with audiences, Steve demonstrates how to use playfulness to energize individuals, teams and organizations – especially in challenging, change-filled times – allowing them to reach their full potential.

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