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Steve Wunker

New Markets’ Managing Director Stephen Wunker is a highly-experienced speaker who is comfortable in settings ranging from major keynote addresses to small meetings in conference rooms. With a mix of anecdotes from current events and business history, personal experiences, and humor, he creates a compelling and memorable presentation. Depending upon the setting and available time, he can make his sessions highly interactive.

Stephen's speeches draw on his book Capturing New Markets: How Smart Companies Create Opportunities Others Don't (McGraw-Hill, June 2011). The book's vast range of case studies explain how counter-intuitive strategies are necessary to seize opportunity in fast-changing industries.



  • Profiting in Times of Disruption

    By looking at similar firms that made different choices with vastly diverging outcomes (such as IBM and Unisys), Steve helps firms see what the most effective strategy is for their situation in turbulent times. He looks at patterns of industry disruption and what strategies were used that separated the winners from the losers.

  • Breakthrough - Creating New Markets

    Drawing on his background in both entrepreneurial and corporate ventures, Steve delves into how established firms can attack new opportunities in an ambitious and nimble fashion. He looks at success and failure stories across industries, illustrating lessons on how to analyze new markets, prioritize the top options, and earn profits rapidly.

  • Capitalizing on Disruptive Change in Healthcare

    Steve created and led the healthcare consulting practice at Innosight, the firm founded by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, and he has consulted for a vast array of healthcare firms in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, devices, payors, providers, IT, and more. In his work on disruptive innovation in healthcare, Steve leverages this extensive experience to examine the medical, economic, and public policy forces impacting growth opportunities and creating new types of threats. He assesses who is winning in this new environment, and how organizations are seizing the upside of industry change to thrive.

  • The Promise - and Peril - of the Emerging Markets

    While emerging markets comprise 80% of the world’s population and 40% of its economy, these countries make up only 12% of the average S&P 500 company’s revenue. They present a huge opportunity for growth. Equally, the track record of many firms shows that emerging markets can generate big losses. Steve was part of the management of a very successful firm focused exclusively on emerging markets (Celtel BV, sold for $3.4 billion), and he has worked with many multinationals that have made significant money in these settings. He shares what strategies work in these markets and how companies need to re-orient their typical approaches in order to succeed.

  • Capturing New Markets: Discover How Smart Companies Create Opportunities Others Don't

    Are you ready for the future? New markets have powered the greatest business successes in history, from Standard Oil to Facebook. How can you discover and pursue new markets to make your business thrive? In "Capturing New Markets," world-renowned business strategist Stephen Wunker argues that the first step is to stop applying traditional formulas of success and understand the unique dynamics in fast-changing new markets. He guides you through the process of creating counterintuitive strategies, such as treating competitors as collaborators, timing market entry, and targeting narrow niches before big customer segments.

    Whether you work for a huge corporation or for yourself, "Capturing New Markets" helps you find new sources of growth. Based on Wunker's groundbreaking work with Clayton Christensen--the Harvard Business School legend who coinedthe term "disruptive innovation"--plus Wunker's extensive experience in the trenches, this practical and fascinating guide shows how companies: Identify, create, and dominate new markets Avoid the pitfalls of commodization and find new ways to grow Develop and sustain new sources of growth into the future... MORE →

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