Seth Kahan

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Seth Kahan

"The experience was wonderful. The participants fully enjoyed their experience and obtained all the insights they needed. Seth is a wonderful professional to work with."
-ASAE:The Center for Association Leadership

Seth Kahan is a world-class authority on change and innovation leadership, helping visionaries get traction and engagement for large-scale change and innovation. He has worked directly with the President of the World Bank, Director of the Peace Corps, Senior Managers of Shell Exploration and Production Co, and CEOs of many associations. Seth speaks from experience, having worked with managers and front-line staff as well as executives.

Designated a Visionary by the Center for Association Leadership, Seth works with over 25,000 professionals every year in conferences and professional seminars. His ability to teach techniques that improve professional collaboration has won him high regard. Kahn, a columinst for the Washington Post and a blogger for Fast Company, is the author of numerous articles on collaboration, change leadership, and innovation.



  • Getting Innovation Right

    Innovation is not just a creative approach or new idea. Innovation is about success. To achieve successful innovation, your new ideas have to generate measurable gains in the marketplace, for both your customers and your organization’s bottom line.

    In this talk, Seth Kahan defines the seven key activities offering techniques that produce results-driven innovation. These activities demonstrate the difference between leaders who are haphazardly shooting in the dark with good ideas and those who consistently and systematically uncover potential, capitalize on opportunity, and generate traction that drives success in the marketplace.

  • Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out

    Change doesn’t flow top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, but inside-out. Real change happens only when people want it to happen; when they feel engaged. In Getting Change Right, Seth Kahan challenges leaders to approach organizational change in a whole new way.

    He shows the way to successful, authentic change is through engagement – the need to connect to people, to listen as much as to share ideas, and to involve as many key people as possible in the realization of their goals. When the right people are having the right conversations and interactions, they act in concert, even when the situations they confront are unpredictable.

  • Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success

    Grounded in market-based reality, "Getting Innovation Right" is an indispensable resource for leaders looking to drive results and move in fresh directions. Kahan offers a framework of 7 key activities for results-driven innovation, from intelligence-gathering through execution. He goes beyond abstract advice to offer hands-on approaches that are relevant and applicable in any organization. This is the companion and follow-up to Seth Kahan's bestselling first book, "Getting Change Right."MORE →

    Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out

    Getting Change Right presents a new view of leadership communication that says change doesn't flow top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, but inside-out. This is how change spreads through a complex system successfully-the other options are force or failure. Based on years of experience with organizations around the world, change expert Kahan presents a new model of communication, one that moves from a transactional view of information exchange to a collaborative construction of shared understanding... MORE →


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