Scott Belsky

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Scott Belsky

"It was awesome. Scott was great. His presentation was perfectly applicable to the crowd and the mood... we are looking to implement some new “rules” right away."

Scott Belsky is Adobe's Vice President of Community and founder of Behance. Through his work at Behance, Scott has become an advocate for technology and community initiatives that empower the careers of creative professionals by showcasing their work. In his best-selling book titled "Making Ideas Happen," Belsky chronicles the methods of exceptionally productive creative leaders and teams – companies like Google, IDEO, and Disney, and individuals like author Chris Anderson and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh – that make their ideas happen, time and time again.



  • Making Ideas Happen: Key Insights on Creative Execution

    Drawing on the research in his book, "Making Ideas Happen," Behance Founder & CEO Scott Belsky will give an overview of key tips and insights for pushing ideas forward. He will touch on the three crucial components of creative execution – organization, communal forces, and leadership capability – and review a series of best practices shown to be effective across industries.

  • Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

    Should you buy a book that will make you uncomfortable? More questions: Why is it so difficult to ship good ideas out the door? Why do committees show up and wreck the purity of your idea? Why do people avoid doing the hard work of actually bringing their work to the market? I'll tell you why: Because it's safe. Ideas that never ship are never criticized. Faceless committees accept the blame for tepid products that were probably better off in the warehouse. And managers in search of a place to hide can best hide behind the unshipped product, the unrealized idea and the system gone wrong... MORE →


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