Patricia Martin

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Patricia Martin

"Her commitment to the process-talking to participants and organizer before the day, blogging liberally, joining us for ancillary events, and tailoring her remarks to this group, all made her an ideal keynote, a fellow-conspirator, as it were"
-National Corporate Theatre Fund

Patricia Martin is a thinker, as well as a doer. Her insights spring from an insatiable curiosity, but are always tethered to research that has practical applications.As an expert on commerce and culture, she exposes how cultural convergence has changed the American consumer and illuminates marketing in the new economy. Her speeches are always customized, earning her the nickname “goddess of the tweak” from her PowerPoint designer. Experienced and adaptable, she is comfortable with large audiences and private forums.



  • Digital Culture is Power: The New Agenda for Persuasion

    How brands win by becoming thought leaders and seeding the culture to inspire collective action. Proven tips for leveraging local relevance to achieve global impact, plus cutting-edge research on how attitudes and beliefs are formed in a digital age.

  • How to Launch Anything

    From mapping the competition, to passing the acid test of a saleable concept, this talk delivers 10 immutable laws for successfully launching anything. (Can also be expanded in a workshop format).

  • Will the Future Like You?

    Patricia Martin addresses the cultural trends specifically impacting your category. Presented as a thought-provoking discovery process, the experience sparks the kind of insights that lead to new opportunities. Together, we'll determine what steps will lead to future success in your industry. Clients use these presentations for sales events and educational programs to ignite conversation and kick-start collaborations among stakeholders.

  • RenGen: Renaissance Generation - the rise of the cultural consumer and what it means to your business
    Welcome to the rise of the second renaissance… The RenGen, short for Renaissance Generation, is a cultural movement created by the confluence of art, education, entertainment and business. A powerful new player is at its center: the cultural consumer. Cultural consumers thrive on information and ideas to fuel their creative self-expression. As the RenGen gathers force in our civilization, it will change how we live and work... MORE →

    Tipping the Culture: How engaging Millennials will change things
    Millennials are the future. Failing to engage them might mean that your brand will not be around to see them rise to power. Find out how some of the world’s top brands are reaching them in a digital culture. Read the new eBook by Patricia Martin. Based on interviews with brand leaders such as Ford Motor, Google and Red Bull, it’s chock full of practical ways to communicate with Millennials in an era of social media... MORE →


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