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Heidi Grant Halvorson

"Your delivery, content, and approachability were a great "cocktail" for success. The attendees thought you gave them a solid HR technology to work with back at their associations."
-ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

Motivational psychologist and author Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson has a goal: to help people and organizations achieve theirs. And with simple strategies rooted in scientific research, that’s exactly what she does, empowering organizational leaders with proven tools for maximizing commitment, resisting distraction, devising effective strategic plans, seizing opportunities to act, and persisting in the face of setbacks or challenges.

Outstanding organizations, like outstanding people, reach their goals because of what they do, not just who they are, according to Dr. Grant Halvorson. An exhaustive study of achievement and motivation has led her to pinpoint the keys to mastering the art (and science) of execution — the nine things successful people do differently. They’re not rocket science, but they are proven to help people reach their goals by focusing less on past failures and more on what really matters: commitment, planning, effort, strategy, self-control and persistence.

A provocative speaker and master motivator, Dr. Grant Halvorson offers practical and immediately actionable strategies that actually increase the chances of successfully meeting business and personal goals. By emphasizing things successful people do consistently and effectively, Halvorson shows organizations and their employees a clear path to accomplishing whatever they set out to do.



  • FOCUS for Leaders: Engaging Motivation to Increase Effectiveness

    In this talk, Heidi describes the critical differences in how people are motivated in order to show the different approaches to pursuing our goals. She highlights the use of focus in order to increase effectiveness in the workplace.

    Her talk details:
    1. How to identify your own dominant focus, and the focus of your colleagues and employees
    2. The strengths and weaknesses of each focus and how to use an employee’s focus to their advantage.
    3. The most effective ways of collaborative work.
    4. How to create motivational fit by providing incentives and feedback. Motivational fit, in turn, increases engagement, perceived value of the work, and productivity.
    5. How to build teams with a focus balance that is critical for the success of any endeavor

  • FOCUS for Influencers: How to Motivate Anyone-Even Yourself

    Whether you are trying to sell a product or service, or spread an idea, you will be far more effective if you tailor your pitch to your audience’s specific motivation. In this talk, Heidi will describe how your target audience can have different focuses. Once you understand this critical difference in how people are motivated, you will know…

    1. How to identify your audience’s dominant focus.
    2. Why framing your pitch in ways that create motivational fit for your product or idea will increase believability, persuasiveness and perceived value. People like what you’re selling, want it more, and will pay more for it – often much more - when you describe it with motivational fit.

  • What Successful People Do Differently

    In this talk based on Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, HBR's all-time most popular article and now best-selling book, Heidi takes the audience on a step-by-step journey to successfully reach any goal and avoid the common pitfalls of execution. She’ll share simple strategies, based on scientific research and proven effective, for how to maximize commitment, resist distraction, make effective plans, seize opportunities to act, and persist in the face of setbacks or challenges.

    All talks are available as a keynote, or in a half or full-day seminar. The seminar versions include practice identifying focus in an audience or product, techniques for changing your audience’s focus, and step-by-step exercises for creating motivational fit.

  • Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence

    Heidi Grant Halvorson's newest book that has received rave reviews from Dan Pink, Robert Cialdini, Jim Kouzes, Dan Gilbert, Chip & Dan Heath, and many others. Higgins has found in his groundbreaking research that if people understand focus, they have the power to motivate themselves and others. From selling product to managing employees to raising children to getting a second date, readers learn how to change focus, and how to use focus correctly... MORE →

    Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

    Decades of research on achievement suggests people at the top of their game tend to reach their goals because of what they do—not because of who they are. In this short, provocative, and useful HBR Single, motivational psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson translates the psychological secrets of these winning human beings for your use. Halvorson expands on her immensely popular blog post to give more detail on each of her nine suggested actions—from getting specific about goals and aggressively monitoring your achievements to understanding the importance of having "grit."

    MORE →

    Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals

    We all have goals we fail to reach, but as Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson has found, most of us have no idea why we fail to reach them. In Succeed she shows us how we can finally win by revealing how goals really work – and by showing us how to avoid what typically goes wrong when we try to achieve them. Going beyond such obvious (and not very helpful) advice as “Stay positive!” she offers insights – many surprising – that readers can use immediately. Among the many things Dr. Grant Halvorson shows us are how to set a goal so that you will persist even in the face of adversity, and how to build willpower... MORE →


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