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David Wessel

"David Wessel was absolutely fabulous - he is a great speaker and explains a very sensitive and difficult subject in understandable and objective terms."
-The Economic Club

For more than twenty years David Wessel has been The Wall Street Journal’s insider at the Fed, with continual access to its chairmen, governors, policy-makers, and staffers. With the thoroughness and clarity of a great journalist, he explains one of the biggest ongoing stories of our time in comprehensible terms. His book In Fed We Trust is a breathtaking and singularly perceptive look at a historic episode in American and global economic history.

His latest book, Red Ink, a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, focuses on the politics and substance of the federal budget. With a particular focus on the “people” who shape the federal budget, David is looking to shatter a few myths by providing specific illustrative examples.



  • The View from Washington: Now What?

    The actions, many still controversial, of Congress, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve helped steer the U.S. – indeed, the global – economy away from the edge of the abyss. But is the Great Recession to be followed by a Great Stagnation? The days immediately before Nov. 8 will be consequential. We’ll learn whether the Republicans took one, or perhaps both, houses of Congress. We’ll learn whether the Fed is embarking on new round of extraordinary efforts to ward off deflation and spur growth. David Wessel, the economics editor of The Wall Street Journal and author of the best-selling book, “In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic,” will take stock of the latest turns in the economy and the latest twists in policy, and look at where the Obama administration, the new Congress and the Fed are likely to go next.

  • On Capital & The Capitol

    David Wessel looks at what lessons we've learned from the Great Panic - about markets, regulation, and human nature. How will the financial regulatory system change as a result? How will the The Fed change? And where does the economy go from here?

  • Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget

    Where the trillions come from, where they go, and why inaction imperils our future. In a sweeping narrative about the people and the politics behind the budget, Wessel looks at the 2011 fiscal year to see where all the money was actually spent, and why the budget process has grown wildly out of control. Through the eyes of key people, Wessel gives readers an inside look at the making of our unsustainable budget.. MORE →

    In FED We Trust: Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic

    "This book is shining testimony to preparation meeting opportunity, and every reader should feel lucky. David Wessel, the country's best economics reporter for almost twenty years, wraps his incisive mind and elegant prose around an unfolding catastrophe. It's all here: exclusive interviews, startling disclosures, brilliantly rendered moments of panic and improvisation. But what's amazing is that the book is often witty and poignant, even as it manages, page by page, to make sense of it all. This is the first "must read" book of the great panic.” -Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author ... MORE →


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