Daniel Simons

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Daniel Simons

"Dan's presentation was incredibly well received. He hit all the right notes and really set a good tone for the conference. I was impressed with how he weaved his message into references to our industry and made it relevant to our attendees. He delivered a great talk."
-American Institute of Steel Construction

Daniel Simons's research famously shows how little of our world we actually see, and how we can miss the obvious. He can help you to spot the "invisible gorillas" in your midst and recognize when your intuitions are misleading you. In the process, you will learn more about how your own mind works. His research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and he has received numerous awards for his research and lecturing. He co-authored The Invisible Gorilla with Christopher Chabris in 2010.



  • The Invisible Gorilla: What We See And What We Miss

    If your message is vivid and memorable, your customers will see and remember it, right? Not necessarily. In this talk, Daniel Simons, creator of the famous "invisible gorilla" psychology experiment, uses real-world stories and startling demonstrations to show how we all miss much more of what goes on around us than we realize. People won’t notice the gorilla in the room just because we think it’s obvious. By better understanding the gap between how we think we pay attention and remember and how we actually pay attention and remember you will gain new insights into how your customer's mind works, allowing you to craft a more persuasive and compelling message.

  • Invisible Gorilla Leadership

    One of the greatest obstacles to effective leadership is faulty perception. Because of the way our minds are built, we often don't see the world as it really is. Instead, we see what we expect to see and believe what we want to believe, regardless of the evidence. In this talk, Simons reveals how common misconceptions about the mind can undermine our ability to lead. With real-world stories, personal anecdotes, and clever experiments, Simons leads the audience to question their assumptions about how they think and to see themselves—and those around them—as they really are.

  • The Gorilla in the Operating Room

    Everyone involved in healthcare makes high-stakes decisions. One key to effective decision-making is knowing when to trust your intuition and "go with your gut," and when to take a step back and think twice before choosing a course of action. In this talk, Daniel Simons, creator of the famous "invisible gorilla" psychology experiment, shows how our decisions are often clouded by our intuitive ideas about how the mind works. With entertaining examples and surprising scientific studies, Simons will leave audience members with a deeper appreciation of how we all really think, and how to make better decisions in their own lives.

  • The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us
    The Invisible Gorilla reveals the myriad ways that our intuitions can deceive us, but it’s much more than a catalog of human failings. Chabris and Simons explain why we succumb to these everyday illusions and what we can do to inoculate ourselves against their effects. Ultimately, the book provides a kind of x-ray vision into our own minds, making it possible to pierce the veil of illusions that clouds our thoughts and to think clearly for perhaps the first time... MORE →


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